Andrew S. Kubersky, Accredited Senior Appraiser, is an independent appraiser and financial advisor to fiduciaries of Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Having provided ESOP valuations since 1975, he is one of the most experienced, respected and longest-tenured ESOP appraisers in the country. Representing fiduciaries in ESOP transactions, Mr. Kubersky offers his clients the meticulous care, due diligence, and devotion to the ESOP's best interests that will successfully guide them through this delicate and complicated process.

Since an ESOP is prohibited by law from paying a price in excess of fair market value for shares, an independent valuation of the shares is required. Mr. Kubersky has experience in developing all types of financial opinions that may be required, including opinions relating to fair market value, adequate consideration, and fairness.

Mr. Kubersky's in-depth and well-reasoned analyses and his documented opinions provide support to ESOP fiduciaries who must make an informed and good faith decision on whether to purchase or sell employer-company stock and, if so, at what price. He also provides guidance to fiduciaries on an ongoing basis relating to the required annual valuations of shares.